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Guesting at Conventions

Let me help add some magic at your event

I’m based in Michigan, USA – but I love to travel to meet and share knowledge with the con community and cosplayers at any skill level all over the world. 
Let’s get in touch to add some cosplay awesome-ness to your next event!

I’ve been cosplaying and attending cons since 2016, and while I may not be as senior as many other cosplayers out there – I would like to consider myself a veteran in the cosplay community. I started building cosplays in 2020, starting with 3D printed props which evolved into full blown builds from scratch with sewing, foamsmithing, and even electronics. I’ve entered a number of cosplay competitions and have won both minor and major awards.

Below you’ll find what I offer when you book me as a guest or contest judge at your next event!

What can I bring to your event?


Sharing knowledge and experiences from my own cosplay adventures and helping to inspire others to start cosplaying


Prejudging for and judging cosplay contests to help select the winners from all of the amazing contestants 

Social Media Promotion

I can promote your event across my various social media platforms – totaling more than 70,000 followers 

Booth Presence

Available to set up a guest booth with showcase items, information, print sales, autographs, and photo ops with event attendees 


Below is a list of panels that I offer. I can also turn any of my blog posts into a panel subject.
Panel topics can range from getting started in cosplay, costume craftsmanship, electronics in cosplay, 3D printing and prop making, and graphic/web design.

3D Printing for Cosplay

3D Printing for Cosplay

Learn the basics of 3D printing for cosplay - what machine to start with, where to find files or how to make them yourself, and how to finish your 3D prints for use in your next epic build!
Lighting the Way

Lighting the Way

Learn the basics of LEDs and how to add them into your next build. From batteries to bulbs to the tools and the fundamental knowledge you'll need to get your cosplay glowing!

Ready to add something extra to your next event?