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I’m Brie (aka Pink Petal Cosplay)

Starting as a teen, I had an infatuation with technology – which lead to me building my first PC, which lead to me being the video game loving, code monkey that I am today. Somewhere along the way, I was enamored with the characters in those games I love to play – and I decided to become them!

About Me


Where it all began…

My love of tech and nerd cultures have launched me into a reality I love to be a part of – from coding my own apps and creating websites, to tinkering with electronics, 3D printers, and 3D modeling programs, and crafting cosplays to attend conventions as the characters I love. I’m a huge proponent of knowledge for knowledge sake and pursuing new ideas and crafts and projects for the sake of enjoying my hobbies, growing my skills, and helping out my fellow nerds.


About Me



First Place – Star Guardian Soraka

Tulip City Comic Con – 2023


First Place – Spirit Blossom Kindred

Cherry Capital Comic Con – 2023


Best In Show – Spirit Blossom Kindred (Remastered)

JAFAX – 2023


First Place – Destiny (Takt.Op Destiny)

Capital City Comic Con – 2023


Judge’s Choice – Ashe (League of Legends)

Really Cool Comic Con – 2023


2nd Place – Best Adaptation – Battle Damaged Samus

Grand Rapids Comic Con – 2023



2nd Place – Journeyman – KDA Super Fan Neeko

JAFAX – 2024

Previous Guestings


Cadillac Pop Culture Con


Kogan Con

About Me

Expertises (In Life and Cosplay)

3D Printing and Modeling

I started 3D modeling in a CADD class in 2016, which eventually lead to me buying my first 3D Printer in 2019.

This lead to me modeling my own props for cosplays and ending with a fleet of 3D printers to make them. 


Cosplay had yielded many opportunities to grow and learn new skills – one of my favorites being LEDs and other small electronics that can be wired up and programmed to add a little bit of pizazz to cosplays. 

UI/UX Design

My education and career decisions have lead me to a phenomenal position as a front end developer and UI/UX designer. 

Ranging from projects such as websites to full web applications and beyond.

Software Development

While I specialize in front end design and development, my experiences and education have given me the skills to create full applications from database design to data hooks and user interfaces 

About Me
About Me

Nerdy. In and Out of Cosplay

I’m a web and software developer when I’m not working on cosplays.
I got my Bachelor’s of Science with a focus in Computer Information Systems in Spring 2024 and have been working on building up my own site as well as curating a portfolio of freelance and volunteer project sites. 

Have a project in mind?

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