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Pink Petal Cosplay

Pink Petal Cosplay is a Michigan-based cosplayer specializing in 3D printed cosplay props and weird fabrication methods

They aim to encourage people to think outside the box, educate on topics such as electronics and 3D printing, and inspire people of all levels to continue to grow their skills in the ever-evolving hobby that is cosplay.

Cosplays and Builds

Check out all the costumes and props I have made over the years – starting in 2020 when my cosplay journey really began

Upcoming Events

Nerdy. In and Out of Cosplay

I’m a web and software developer when I’m not working on cosplays.
I got my Bachelor’s of Science with a focus in Computer Information Systems in Spring 2024 and have been working on building up my own site as well as curating a portfolio of freelance and volunteer project sites.